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Jin Ding Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional knife-type gate valve, slurry valve, electric knife gate valve, plug valve, pneumatic knife gate valve, check valve and bottom valve, throttle valve, pneumatic knife type gate valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, manual knife-type gate valve, electric knife type gate valve production and sales of shares in the company of large valves.
The company has a number of valve production lines, making the valve manufacturing steps to produce quality and cheap simple Huaneng various types of valves. Installation of valves production and engineering lessons in Europe, America, Japan, Australia and other developed countries and regions, for decades the essence. To optimize product quality and improve the quality of the project.
      Our company has a rich variety of valve components supply chain, providing customers with a wealth of valve accessories, all kinds of flange, all kinds of electric head, actuator, seal materials.
Our knife-type gate valve is a structure length of the short, small, reliable sealing and long service life of the knife gate valve. Composition, including body, gate, valve cover, valve stem and drive mechanism, which is characterized by body structure for the flat plate, and pipe on the wafer, gate single gate, the side with the valve seat seal the back and the body contacts the other side of the wedge between the sealing surface with medium flow relative. Wedge-shaped contact structure is described in the sealing surface located on the back of the wedge clamping block, the other side of the body corresponds to the top adjusting compression wire block office is located. This knife-type gate of the valve body length of the short, light weight, the valve seat sealing surface can be washed from the medium, the sealing surface pressure evenly, fit tight in the closing process can be sealed valve seat surface dust , tar and other scrape away the sewage and easy. There are clear rod supporting ear type knife gate valve and dark rod, widely used in drainage, heating, power stations, chemicals, food, paper, pharmaceuticals, coal, mining and other projects to meet modern industry, agriculture, automated requirements.
We have a comprehensive nationwide network of sales channels, has joined around the agents, widely distributed in Guangdong, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and Shanxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Hebei, Qinghai, Anhui, more than 10 provinces (municipalities).
I will always uphold the "quality first, reputation first, quality products, excellent service, win-win" for the End User is responsible for the management purpose, good image quality. To improve the quality of steel products in the same time, continue to use new technology tools and methods to improve the product in the production, testing and installation of control measures. At the same time improving the quality of the technical staff, the put a lot of energy.
Recalling the history of business and looking forward to new development, low price and to provide users with the best service is our perpetual pursuit, catch world-class level is the goal of casting valve Thailand, in order to fully meet the high quality products industries needs, develop a broader market space, and continuously grow their own, the company re-enactment of a higher updated development plan.